Retch and Gu Mitch are back after their single “Belaire Not Slat” released earlier this week, but this time the New Jersey rappers are back with a full-length project. The project is ten tracks long and the run time is right at thirty minutes, making it a concise stream, jam packed with punchlines and storytelling from the present and future of NJ hip-hop. Retch continues his trap transition (as far as instrumental choices are concerned) that began on his most recent project Richer Than the Opps, and this practice has clearly helped as he seemingly feels more at home on these beats than ever, and his flows are impressive and his delivery isn’t forced. Gu Mitch also does a very good job at Retch’s side, showing his natural talent and grimy lyricism. I am very interested in hearing him on a solo project soon. The only featured artist was 2kz who appears three times, and holds his own each of them.

Stream “GuWiiMoney” here: