Sep 21, 2018

Listen to the latest effort from the new leading lady of the Latinx Community.


by lvaldez



Chicago based singer-songwriter NEV solidified herself as the female counterpart to Omar Apollo and Cuco with the release of her new EP entitled Solita. The 6 track EP spans just 16 minutes but is dense with unapologetic genuineness and melodies that will make your day a little brighter.

NEV is just the latest artist to come out of the LatinX community as there seems to be a brown renaissance happening in the Alt-Pop genre. Some of the strongest names are able to embrace their culture and perform bi-lingual records as well as sing in English. It’s encouraging to see more progressive audiences of niche genres embrace artists of all cultures and support their artistic choices that pay homage to their backgrounds.

Listen to NEV’s Solita below: