There’s a lot of different types of love out there, that much is clear. That said, perhaps the most important of these is self-love. This sentiment is shared by emerging songbird Mykele Deville on his new Daryn Alexus-assisted single, “Type Love”. The track and video find Mykele putting himself first and lamenting on all the problems that have arisen as a result of his desire to be loved by others.

He remarks that “It’s getting dangerous attempting to please strangers” and that’s a bar most of us need to sit on and consider for a while. Mykele is done with valuing himself based on others’ perceptions, an all too valuable lesson in today’s digital dystopia where comparing likes and follows seems to be the only way to measure self-worth. The track itself is set to be the lead single from Mykele’s upcoming album, Maintain, due out early next year. While we look forward to hearing a full-length project from the budding talent, we’re sure that Mykele doesn’t need our approval nor anyone else’s when he’s got his own back like this.

Enjoy this crisp new visual below.