July 14, 2020

"Such a beautiful casket."


Rostrum Records’ new art rapper, My Favorite Color, just dropped his latest single, “Funeral.” The record finds the 23-year-old talent raising an important question that many of us ask ourselves—“who would come to my funeral?”

In the song, My Favorite Color lyrically depicts how each person in his life would react to his death. He shares how his mom would keep busy to avoid facing reality, his ex-girlfriends would show up after wishing him death upon him. Later, he raps about how his father would feel guilty for not being there more often: "thinking 'bout the siblings he lost and now he lost me."

"Funeral" is an interesting perspective on life given that anyone can go at any time. My Favorite Colors is a Pittsburgh-bred rapper who so far, is showing signs of longevity within music. Check out his latest single below and keep an eye out for him.