Sep 28, 2017

Stream the eight-track project below.


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Paving an interesting path in the hip-hop scene, Montreal’s 199V’s (formerly known as Mac Vybz) latest EP release titled “Twentytwo” features production by Canada’s Jei Bandit, Planet Giza, jåmvvis, VXNYL & Dear Lola who’s well known to be one of Wasiu’s main producer & DJ.

During the start of creating his first studio album titled #GRADUATION, 199V’s best friend and collaborator, Valentino, died of a drug overdose. The following years lead to robberies and heavy drug use until his recent collaboration with Canada’s entertainment agency Oddio lend a helping hand, rebranding and shining a light onto someone stuck in a dark place.

With paying homage to Jay-Z with “Different,” where 199V dishes 22 rhymes using the word “twentytwo,” reminiscent to the brooklyn mogul’s famous 22 two’s to flexin’ songs like “Too Fast,” 199V’s latest is a promising collection fuelled by pain, experiences, and loss. 199V’s album theme is one that anyone can relate to; change, revolving around his lifestyle change and death of his friend Valentino.

Take a listen to 199V’s “Twentytwo” below.