Oct 4, 2018

A beautifully orchestrated interpolation by one of music’s most esteemed producers.


by Mike_Squid


Energy never dies. It was a saying popular in South Florida artist XXXTentacion‘s daily vocabulary prior to his tragic death. His music and creative light both continue to live on through his friends, family, and contemporaries. This weekend, one of X’s most iconic singles, “SAD!” got a new interpolation courtesy of esteemed Zero Fatigue producer, Monte Booker. 

The track resembles its predecessor only in lyrical content as Booker has given the song a new backing instrumental as well as altered vocals. The end result is a beautifully unique yet familiar flip of one of the year’s biggest songs. While the music community continues to grieve the loss of X and the other many talented artists that we’ve lost this year, let this be a reminder that there’s often new beauty to be found in those darkest moments.

Press play on the interpolation you didn’t know you needed in your life below.