Hailing from tiny Laurel, Mississippi, Cr3w comes from very unexpected circumstances when you consider a rap group to come from, but regardless of geography or population, these three guys are massively talented. The group exhibits several different styles on their mixtape PLACID, showing their abilities to spit, sing, and experiment over a variety of instrumental patterns and BPMs.

Each of their three members possesses a different skill set and each of them play off of each other masterfully. One song could be a warbling love song that immediately pivots into a no-melody trap banger, showing how versatile artists of our generation our because of the necessity to be able to do nearly everything musically to remain relevant. Cr3w definitely passes that test.

This is one of my favorite projects from a rap group this year and I honestly mean this when I saw that I am very eager to see what these kids can do next.

Listen to PLACID here: