Nov 8, 2018

by ASadler


Body language tells the story in the new “hurt like this” video from Raleigh, North Carolina native mikey100k. Shot by JK Media, the CashMoneyAp-produced track features the vocalist opening up about his previously broken heart and how it has affected his new, colder outlook on life moving forward “I can’t live with a broken heart, how we let it tear us both apart?” he repeats over the chorus, dwelling a bit on what occurred but asserting his intent to move on.

Looking down for the majority of the video, there is a clear sense of pain and despair felt by the artist. He sits in a dark room with anime playing in the background, truly exuding all of the characteristics of a modern day “sad boy.” He even spices it up with a blood stain on his shit right over where his heart would be.

Toward the end of the track, he seems to gain some energy and confidence in himself, predicting that his ex-lover would run back when the next guy messed up but he wouldn’t accept her. Right on, king.

It’s clear that mikey100k has been making some moves, working alongside K Camp and Ye Ali. He is currently in the process of finishing up a project that is coincidentally titled Sad Boy. With this visual and that title, expect some more of this in-your-feels type of music. Check the video for “hurt like this” out below.