February 21, 2019

Mikey Polo is on a wave of his own.


It feels like a lot of artists are coming through with the sinister energy this year. Mikey Polo returns with “Hells Kitchen” an aggressive cut embracing the evils of the world – namely drugs and the devil. The ROM-produced beat is loaded with drums and airy chords almost sounded like the theme music to an older horror film.

Polo is far from the typical character who runs away from the monster though. He is morphing into a monster of his own. He likens himself to the grim reaper, wields firearms, and acknowledges his association with emo slime. “Prada on my shoes, bitch I walk with the devil” because why be a villain with no drip?

The DMV native is full steam ahead this year, having already released “System” and more visuals in store. For now, take a listen to “Hells Kitchen.” Maybe you’ll feel so inclined to embrace the devil on your shoulder.