Nov 9, 2018

Mikey More is on the road to release his next project in early 2019, and we’re excited


by ASadler


There’s just something about a song using organs that feels so inspiring. Broward County boy Mikey More has been making music since the 9th grade but didn’t seriously pursue it until recently when he was sentenced to two years house arrest. Though these experiences have been humbling, his track “Youth” is the resounding call of a young man who is confident in the bigger plans he has for himself.

The 22-year-old out of Florida brings us up to speed on his life, discussing past drug dealing, doubts about his potential rap career, those he has lost and his mindset moving forward. The passion he brings to his work can be felt in his relentless flow, but his diction makes it so each punchline sticks. The chorus is especially positive, repeating “Ain’t no love lost, love lost, I just found my youth, I’m about action, stage time, I just found my queue, I pray my auntie stay strong, I just found my pew, I keep my head up high, I keep my hopes up to0.”

The organ has to be mentioned again, as it soothes the ear while simultaneously contributing to Mikey’s energy. It feels almost like the end of a pastor’s sermon where he or she starts to pour their heart out to God, and the organist fills each pocket of silence with a perfectly fitting beat.

Mikey More is on the road to release his next project in early 2019, titled ‘Homebody 2.’ With a solid local buzz, this project could be very influential in getting him to the next level. Check out “Youth” below in the meantime.