Nov 29, 2018

The Brisbane-based rapper brings a bop you probably haven’t heard before.


by HOwens


US-born, Australia-based rapper Midas Gold is not one to stay quiet. His music often is cinematic, boasting blockbuster-like production and larger-than-life vocal performances. His new single “Passions” is no different.

Produced by Angus James Music, “Passions” is bass-driven and high tempo, with the chords being reminiscent of both house music and at times, U.K garage. However, when Midas comes in with his warbled, Autotune-drenched triplet flows, you know that this is rap. Midas’ energy and cadence keep up with the speedy drums of the production and creates a unique bounce you’re not bound to hear anywhere else. The video (courtesy of @directedbyhoodwolf) plays off the “I got a passion like christ” refrain, as it takes place in a church.

Check out the video for “Passions” below.