Alternative/Indie artist & musician, Michael Seyer, returns to gift us with a simple yet impressive visual titled “I Feel Best When I’m Alone” from his album “Bad Bonez”. Michael’s message on this track is something that needs paying attention to since isolation and time to yourself are essential to one’s state of mind and personal growth.

Michael emphasizes on the lack of needing acceptance from those around him by reciting lyrics like, “I feel best when I’m alone/Don’t take it personal/It’s just what I do baby..” & “if you think there’s something wrong/You need to take a stroll/Relax your own self.”

Directed & edited by Antonio Aiello, the vibe between the video, shot on what looks to be a vintage camcorder, and the track is considerably fresh. Michael’s opulent vocal range is characteristically unique in its own way, delivering a proclaimed vibrato throughout the course of the song.

Press play below to view the video: