Oct 16, 2015

Michael Christmas lets loose one of the highlights from What A Weird Day So Far, it’s funky!


by Duke


michael christmas

Ahead of its release a week from today, Michael Christmas just dropped one of the most anticipated tracks off his debut album What A Weird Day. Peep the upbeat “Where You Been” featuring a verse from fellow AL East-er Logic. By the way, I realize only the baseball fans among you will get that, and congrats to all you Elevator X Cubs fans in the Chi! Anyways back to Boston’s finest, which is just an expression of course, I fuck with Cousin Stizz, Stupid Genius & Pat G too, duh. The funk is provided by Northeast OG Teddy Roxpin, and he delivered as usual (yeah, that’s the first Moufy appearance on Elevator. Shouts to Doahchestah). Make sure you preorder WAWD on iTunes here, and peep Logic’s newest single below as well if you’re into that sort of thing.