Sep 26, 2019

Be sure to catch the Grind Hard boys at one of the locations below.


by jgregory


Legendary Memphis rapper Don Trip recently announced his new “One Night Only Tour” that will play dates all across the southeast and portions of the west coast, alongside his Grind Hard affiliates Trapperman Dale, MobSquad Nard, and DJ Logan Garrett. Trip has cemented himself as an icon in Tennessee’s (and the south as a whole) hip-hop consciousness and because of his near underground-legend status each of these locations will likely be pretty packed out.

Trapperman Dale has had an incredible two-year run with his Trapstar and Dale Chapo mixtapes that performed well regionally, as well as on streaming services. MobSquad Nard also recently unleashed a new mixtape and the Jacksonville rapper is certain to put on a good show. Get your tickets now at the link below!