Nov 29, 2018

Melbourne exports with a knack for making anthems.


by HOwens


Melbourne rappers Reiis and J.Love have linked up for a new single called “Poltergeist”. Reiis leads the song with a druggy, autotune melody that rides the waves of vocal samples, synths and bass-lines that make up the production. J.Love comes in for the final verse, providing an aggressive triplet flow to add some diversity to the single.

Reiss has had a fairly quiet 2018 so far but recently emerged a few weeks back for his single “On Me”. This blossoming trend indicates that Reiis indeed is preparing for something. J.Love has remained consistent with singles this year, with his last being “xroad” which featured both Reiis and Censei Ceez.

Listen to “Poltergeist” below.