Oct 17, 2018

A gritty, lo-fi cut from an Australian up and comer.


by HOwens


NAGEL313 has been making a name for himself in Melbourne’s blossoming rap scene with his unique style. He inherits the dark, gloomy traits of Soundcloud rap music and fuses it with gritty, lackadaisical flows to make a sound that’s undeniably own. Tracks like “Probably Real” finds him murmuring over a melodic, guitar-laced beat; taking it into a somewhat grimy realm of euphoria. In the new video for his single “Hiding Places”, NAGEL313 takes us into his version of Melbourne’s east side; and as expected, it bangs.

Produced by Elapidae, “Hiding Places” is a hypnotic, almost psychedelic trap cut that finds NAGEL313 paying homage to his homies. The video (shot & edited by Luka Hofbauer) takes place at a small house party as he shouts out his people on the regular.

While the song does feel like a celebration, you can’t help but notice the nihilism in his voice as he delves into topics such as lean and molly; and the warping synth line and thumping 808s compliment this shift perfectly. The vibe that NAGEL313 creates on this track is unique and is part of his appeal as an original amongst a generation of sauce stealers.

Watch the video for “Hiding Places” below.