Feb 9, 2019

Press play on this addicting new single.


by ASadler


“This a melody for all the fuckin’ lovers, this is a remedy for all that’s undercover, it’s serenity when we’re under the covers.” First three lines. Boom. No cap.

Y’all already know I love Kodie Shane after our interview a while back, but Maxwell Aden is another artist to look out for. This new single “Bounce” feels like one of those songs I’m going to feel inclined to click back on in several years just to bring myself back to the first time I heard it. It’s my ideal combination of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic elements. I know you caught those Beyoncé vocals too!

Hailing from Atlanta, it makes perfect sense the beat is 808s galore but the arrangement, doubles and huge moments preceding and within the chorus are what truly gives this track crossover appeal. The thing I love most about Kodie is I don’t just hear her, but I feel her when she sings and this verse is no different. These two just might be the next best things in the Trap Pop lane.

It’s clear Maxwell has a mixed bag of influences, from Usher to Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine to Chris Brown. Of course, you can hear elements of those beloved 2000’s boy bands. All of those influences have given Aden’s ear more range and the desire to incorporate many different sounds to create what we ultimately got. The same can be seen in his first single “Heartbeat.”

No cap, dude is good. And I feel totally okay overusing “no cap” because it’s an article about Atlanta folk. No cap, check out the single “Bounce” below and stay tuned for what these two have in store next!