Nov 16, 2018

One of Maxo’s best tracks gets a long-awaited visual.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


Houston based record producer & rapper, Maxo Kream, has always used his experiences, trials, and tribulations as reference points in his music—and with no shame. Authentic & coarse describe his lyrics to a T, a sharp freshness derived from his native roots. Maxo isn’t afraid to tell his story of where he comes from & the choices he has made. What sets him apart is that his deliverance is clear & uncut, of no falsified imagery or persona. Always real.

Roaches” being a closing track on his most recent album, Punken, is the perfect testament to his timeline; his own evolution into the artist and person he is now. “Way before the iPhones, Twitter, Gram, socials/I’m talking ‘bout Nextel chirps, Boost Mobile..” Maxo takes us on a trip through his sentimental yet rocky past, reflecting on moments of struggle which eventually lead him into his final form.

Throughout the video, Maxo’s lyrics align with each scene—even one showing a bowl of cereal with roaches, alluding to a rough and rugged upbringing. Maxo speaks about how he had to grind aggressively to make things happen for himself and those around him, with unexpected scenes of Maxo invading a home. Maxo’s approach with this visual is beyond impressive. The way he is able to connect his story to this level of visual execution is highly admirable— as this truly communicates to us how long of a way he’s truly come and how he’s manipulated his obstacles into deep tried and true glory.

Press play below to view the video: