Jul 9, 2019

New York songstress Maude Latour is making quite the name for herself.


by jgregory


New York singer Maude Latour paints the perfect picture of teenage romance in her new song “Starsick,” where she totally analyzes the glory of first loves and how all-encompassingly they begin to consume you, and Latour’s songwriting completely encapsulates this feeling with memorable lines dotted all over the track. Instrumentally, the song falls in line with most indie-pop of the day, complete with a surplus of synths and digital percussion, creating a bright and bubbly atmosphere for the nineteen-year-old to navigate.

I loved this track and was really pleased with Latour’s writing ability and her talent for summarizing complex emotions with simple and terse lines that don’t belabor the point but rather hit a feeling right at its core in the most direct way possible.

Watch “Starsick” here: