Jan 15, 2019

“Customer Copy” is an exciting fusion of styles from a rising Burger Records star.


by jgregory


Hailing from Atlanta, rock artist Mattiel has a sound unlike very little I have heard before. Growing up on a Georgia farm, her voice’s slight twang and croon makes sense but compounded with her exposure to Detroit and notable Atliens like Andre 3000 her blend of styles produces something unfamiliar and beautiful.

After slaving away hours upon hours at her day job, Mattiel was only able to record and work on her art after business hours came and went. It’s cliche, but this strict determination and passion show as her notes and lyrics all hit perfectly from painstaking care that comes with the attention to detail. Her sound features an impossible to miss Nashville twist, but an undeniable East Coast rock element.

“Midwest Hotel” was one of the standout tracks to me, with an intoxicating synth-driven instrumental underscoring her impassioned, droning vocals. “Baron’s Sunday Best” also stuck with me, not only because of its musical prodigiousness, but also its highly intriguing lyrical content and Mattiel’s societal complains and commentaries.

Stream Customer Copy here: