Oct 30, 2018

by liammccarthy


Matt Ox is set to release his debut album “OX” tomorrow via Motown Records. It arrives just weeks after the 13-year-old caught a guest appearance on Chicago rapper Valee’s new single “Awesome,” further igniting a flame for the Philadelphia wave-maker’s upcoming 11-track project.

“I’ve been wanting to be an artist since I was a kid,” he says. A fan of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, Ox tinkered with the guitar and keyboard from a young age, and quickly began to edit his own videos and engineer his own tracks.

His Death Note anime-looks and viralness make for an easy target, but Matt looks to silence the lames by proving his musical worth across his anticipated debut album. Sticking close-by his Working On Dying crew per usual, Oogie Mane and Forza appear across the track listing; alongside names like Chief Keef, KEY! and Valee.

View the entire track list for “OX” below.

1. Tried It

2. Jetlag ft. Chief Keef

3. Ride Around

4. Ya Dig

5. Pull Up ft. KEY!

6. Drip

7. Can’t

8. Walk Out ft. Valee

9.Blue Racks

10. Zero Degrees

11. I Like