Oct 16, 2018

Press play on this new jam.


by GregGaffney


Material Girl is one of our favorite new discoveries, who brings one of their energetic cuts to our Youtube channel today with “Pick Up”. Material Girl is a group effort comprised of Loudy Luna, Daniel Hex, Jay Cribb$, and Rossi Blue, with mixed in production from Luna, Sam Austins, as well as Cribb$ and Thibault Ruellan.

The power-group came together most recently to release their first EP as Material Girl last month, with The Prelude. The four-track offering definitely has a sound of its own and fuses the collective skills of the group to craft their unique signature. “Pick Up” balances well between Loudy’s girl-flex raps, and then Rossi and Cribb$’s respective solid verses.

The group dynamic of Material Girl is certainly playing to everyone’s strengths and creating something really interesting. It’d be in your best interest to keep an eye on the mid-west team.

Check out “Pick Up” below.