Oct 20, 2015

Master Kato just dropped new visuals for his Dillosmith-produced “What’s The Move”


by Duke



I need a favor from you guys, kind of dire actually. I didn’t tell the homie Kato I was going to ask, so let’s just keep this between us. Word? Word. So he just dropped a new video for his Dilliosmith-produced “What’s The Move” and it’s a banger. First, peep the video below complete with a cameo from Rap Game Luke Kuechly aka Hoverboard Kyle.

Here’s the problem; when I Google dude, I get this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.54.51 AM

Now, this is probably some weird anime shit yerboi doesn’t know about and could easily hit the web tab and look up, but I’m not trying to research fucking water weenies! Tryna find this Master Kato artwork so I can post an ill song and video without having nightmares about some dildo flower with a face. I blame the kids, bro. In my day we watched normal shit like AAAHH Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Lyfe (not a typo, I took the liberty of updating it) and Ren & Stimpy. You know, shows for kids, not this weird shit.

Anyways, basically watch and share the fuck out of this so we can get at least one picture of the way cooler Master Kato up there. For example, this one:

PS – Kato, why did this come on immediately after your video on my YouTube? I’m trying to figure out if this reflects on you or me. Probably me. Nvm.