Jan 14, 2019

Enjoy Mandell Harrison’s latest emphatic EP.


by ASadler


If Baby was the road to getting a girl in your bedroom, then Mandell Harrison’s newest EP 1 is what occurs at that moment along with the aftermath. It’s another brief offering for the Louisville singer-songwriter but the 11-minute experience is more than enough.

“Drunk” is somewhat inaudible, conveying a sense of chaos or tension which is fit for the bedroom. Figuring out your chemistry and the vibe off the Henny isn’t the easiest feat, but it seems they figure it out once we transition into second track “Fever.”

“It’s getting hot, it’s getting hot, it’s getting hot in here.” Self-explanatory. “Ooh, girl I got you, right where I need you” should make the idea clear if it’s not already. He lays out his stats, putting the icing on their time together. She knows whatever has happened is no fluke. The trap influence is more than present, but it’s the yearning and emotion within the vocals that truly create the aura two songs into the EP.

“She A Creep” is the track where time passes and things don’t seem to be unfolding the right way with shawty. You’ve gotta be a little vigilant about the places you go because she can show up. It makes sense because he’s the boy and he changed her life. But sheesh, play it cool sis.

“Bonus” is a fun closer. It genuinely feels like he was just wildin’ out in the booth and ended up with something solid. The beat is undeniably bouncy, with enjoyable hi-hats and 808s.  Overall, it’s a six-track, 11-minute story with significant replay value. The short songs come off very real and raw, more like streams of consciousness than structured records.

Relatable stories and immersive vocals only serve to assist the 21-year-old in finding an irremovable place in our ears. He’s always working, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see another project out in the next month or so. Check out the EP by Mandell Harrison below.