Sep 6, 2019

The Canadian songstress explores feelings of loneliness..

The Toronto-based artist, MADDEE is today sharing the downtempo R&B of ‘Dry’ – listen here. Taken from her forthcoming debut six-track EP, ’Red Mind’, which is due for release on October 17, 2019, the new cut finds the artist exploring silk-smooth brass sections and pinpoint percussion, threading her lucid vocal in between.

‘Dry’ once again finds the 21-year-old artist working with Gray Rowan (Charlotte Day Wilson, The WAYO) on co-production, this time thematically turning her attention to self-worth and the importance of loving oneself. “It’s about trying to escape the feeling of loneliness but realising it’s perhaps better just to face it head on,” says Maddee. “It’s also about realising my value in a relationship and what I’m ultimately worth and willing to give.” 

The new single further examines the overarching subject of the forthcoming ‘Red Mind EP’, wrestling with the ramifications of a negative relationship and the emotions that MADDEE felt throughout that period. From love to infatuation and naivety, the complex theme of love and emotion is further accentuated through the accompanying scarlet artwork.

Stream “DRY” here:

Instagram: @maddee_