May 15, 2019

Mac Ayres returns with groovy & interpretive track doused with well composed instrumental arrangements – each progression highlighting his individuality combined with such phenomenal artistry.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


The beautiful thing about music is that the consumer has the freedom to interpret as they may always allowed to make connections to their own lives and experiences. As we all know, summer is literally right around the corner so you know this means that seeds are being planted. Plainly said, we’re all trying to figure this life shit out as best as we can as we go along– learning more & more about ourselves in pertinence to what it is exactly that makes us content along our journeys. I think we can all agree that we’re pretty tired of accepting things that may be sub-par to our experience. This could also mean having individuals around you that suit you best. Mac Ayres couldn’t be the more perfect person to convey this message in his new single, “Better”. This track is best described as colorful & upbeat instrumentally, while also being completely vulnerable, upfront & honest in a lyrical sense.

With Ayres being a self-taught producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, each of these characteristics, in particular, stand out strongly here on this track, his content always exceeding naturally. Lyrics such as, “You shoulda known me better, go save your own/You water nothing baby it never grows/I see the lining, baby, that silver glow/One day you’re loving then you gotta hit the road..” immediately stole my attention upon listening. How many times have you, yourself, always given someone or something the benefit of the doubt time after time, knowing that deep down you don’t have room left for more emptiness? This could leave you feeling lost within in a blank space; a void. Sometimes, you have the desire to keep searching for a specific aspect or quality within that subject. After a while, you begin to realize you’re going in circles. We all know we’re not promised any more time than allotted here so why stay in one place? Mac Ayres, I just want to say: you definitely did it again with this one.

Press play to stream the new single “Better” below: