Nov 19, 2018

by ASadler


Many people nowadays claim to be sneakerheads, and that can be based on multiple things. The quality and rareness of one’s sneakers or the number of sneakers one has can assist in them earning that label. For Englewood, New Jersey rapper M. Chex, both happen to be true. Some people are going to have some serious reevaluation to do thanks to his new song “All The Jordans” produced by Timeline.

In his new video, the 24-year-old opens up with clips from his YouTube channel dedicated to his sneaker collection. As he’s talking, viewers can clearly see he has a set of sneakers arranged to take up a significant portion of the wall behind him in terms of both length and width.

The video, shot by Dolo Filmz, transitions into the actual song you then see he is able to stack up enough sneaker boxes to make walls on both sides of himself as well. He sits in this shrine of sorts, describing how his lifestyle is impacted by his sneaker hustle with some clever wordplay.

There’s a flash of a woman turning her head at the sight of his kicks. Chex then links up with his crew at the basketball court, and of course, they’re all rocking their 23’s. He shows us the first pair he had as a kid, flexes with his dog, stops off in NYC, and even sits in a bathtub full of his sneakers. It’s not all fun and games though, as Chex shows us he’s into the resale game as well. Looking at some of those pairs he has, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

Just in case you all think he’s just a Jordan guy, he serves up a reminder that the Nike game is elite too. It’s a fun, trap banger that the true sneakerheads will celebrate and the fronters will use as motivation to get their game up. With the holidays coming around, perhaps Santa will look out with a pair. Check out the video for “All The Jordans” by M. Chex below.