Oct 12, 2018

by jgregory


Audiotree has delivered us an incredibly unique and intimate view of one of LVL UP‘s last performances. With an arcade in the background and an impressive assortment of musicians up front, it is hard not to love this setting for a live session. Unfortunately for listeners, LVL UP is going their separate ways, after an eight-year run beginning in 2011 and rising to indie rock prominence in 2014.

“Nightshade” is the more melancholy offering. Led by a heavy guitar riff with equally punchy drums to accentuate the whine of the strings, the croon of the vocals masterfully complements the instrumental’s upbeat dreariness. There is a sense of the overwhelming emotion between the band members, as Nightshade is one of their first tracks, released in their first year together, 2011.

The situations and feelings surrounding “Orchard” could not be more opposite than the ones seen on the prior track. “Orchard” is the title track to LVL UP’s final record and the last song the band recorded together. This scene is heartbreaking, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

Farewell, LVL UP. Best of luck to all the band’s members in their future endeavors.

Watch their last recordings here: