Dec 31, 2018

Luke moves his listeners with new multifaceted single.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


Los Angeles based songwriter and producer, Luke Christopher, has always been skilled at meshing multiple genres together, with his musical ability being overwhelmingly cohesive. Taking his smooth R&B vocal approach by then incorporating grungy guitar chords over kicking hi-hats and deep bass creates a unique level of balance that is showcased on newly released track “Make You Forget”, a song that tugs on the heartstrings quite a bit. “I can’t make the past go away but I’ll make you forget..” Luke’s enduring admiration for the love he speaks of here seeks and demands a new standard of expression, seeing that Luke is asking to be taught how to love them in a way that is most suitable and comfortable for both parties. Throughout his verses, bridge, and chorus, Luke also rearranges his vocal abilities for each segment of the song—gauging the emotions at just the right pace, thus bringing his talents to the ultimate of forefronts.

Press play on “Make You Forget” below: