May 31, 2019

The Chicago emcee has returned.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Lucki has already cemented his own unique lane in the industry as he only lacks mainstream exposure. Freewave 3 was released a mere four months ago to much anticipation for his fanbase as Freewave 2 was released three years ago. This is his first solo track since the release of the album four months ago, however, Lucki brings the same energy and cadence that he is traditionally associated with. The track titled, “Almost Back” is exactly what it implies as Lucki has been working to consistently push out more content as any rising artist with talent to his degree would desire.

The song is a short minute and a half but consistent with the rapturous instrumental as the 808’s take on muffled and upbeat tendencies. The entirety of the track is mixed flawlessly as Lucki is able to flow on the choppy instrumental with precision while maintaining his composed and airy harmonies. Lucki truly has led a new sound wave out of Chicago for the past few years and should easily continue to propel into the industry.

Check out “Almost Back” below.