by AHoward


Lucki shot by, @wxllxxm

I can’t even hold you, Cash Cobain is one of my favorite producers at the moment. Hearing that, “& THIS BEAT FROM CASH NOT FROM YOUTUBE” tag always puts me in a good mood thanks to his work with NYC rapper, Flee. So when Chicago artist, Lucki, one of the most revered underground artists in Hip-Hop, announced their new single, “Peach Dream”, I was immediately excited.

With these two connecting, the song is pretty much exactly what you thought it’d be about when you read the title, “Peach Dream”, and that’s lean, lean and more lean. In many instances, this would be more than enough for me to disregard the record. But therein lies the genius of Lucki, that man can make a record about anything sound enjoyable, and having Cash Cobain provide the noise is a just a fucking cheat code. Whatever we did to deserve this, I hope we do it again.

Listen to, “Peach Dream” below and get ready for Freewav 3, Lucki’s next project.