Aug 31, 2019

The LOWFi lyricists are back with this new installment.


by jgregory


The LOWFi collective is back with a new three track EP offering titled The Differencethat showed some new sonic conventions, as well as a healthy amount of bars that have endeared the group to so many hip-hop purists. Consisting of Jayy Grams, Von Wilda, and Hayeloeach member has a distinct glow and delivery and the three are getting better and better at playing off of each other. “Memory Lane” is more melodic than their past releases, but is still a solid addition to their catalog, giving a nostalgic picture of their upbringings. “Talk to Me Nice” is a return to the more boom-bappy sound the group is known for, and Jayy Grams absolutely bodied his verse on this track. The outro track, “How It Feel” is an intense track filled with a deal of desperation and features Von Wilda and Hayelo trading bars, making for a very entertaining song. I am really enjoying watching their development and think that as LOWFi continues to build chemistry they will be one of the indispensable groups carrying forward the torch of lyricism for future generations.

Stream The Difference here: