Aug 3, 2019

Loud Hound struggles to find solace on his new song.


by jgregory


LOUD HOUND has been a favorite of mine for a while in the emerging indie/alt rock space, and he really burst onto my radar with his tracks “Cause A Commotion” and “High In the Bathroom” that have been met with a healthy amount of editorial praise. “Voicemail” is his latest effort and it is cathartic and melancholy and he deals with fleeting love. Tommy Florio, the individual behind Loud Hound, currently resides in a desolate beach town in New Jersey and takes inspiration from the lonesomeness and melancholy that that isolation breeds. Loud Hound is definitely an artist to keep an eye on going forward and he is already crafting a very strong catalog.

Stream “Voicemail” here: