Feb 23, 2018

The rising LA singer’s latest release is a must hear.


by jmarkow


Fresh off the release of her last release that was exclusively hosted by Elevator, LA based singer Samantha Stone is back with a new heart break anthem titled I Don’t”. The record is a collaborative effort between her and Dallas, TX based singer John Rose. John began to receive overwhelming attention in 2017 as his last single “Beautiful” was skyrocketing throughout the year hitting near 3 million plays; a landmark accomplishment for an unsigned artist making music from his home that led to a recording deal with New York’s 300 Entertainment.

The two singers gracefully intertwine over an airy and melodic production by Jake Markow and Jay Lumière that showcases both of the artists’ lyrical ability and vocal prowess. The song is about being so infatuated with an ex lover, while trying to get over them at the same time. I had a love so toxic and dangerous, I knew I had to get away,” Samantha told us. “I didn’t want to feel miserable anymore and the only thing I could do was run away.”  

Listen to the two singer’s collab here: