Jan 16, 2019

Press play on 6illa’s latest release.


by AHoward


As anybody who’s grown up in most west coast states, the Mexican-American culture was a huge influence on me growing up. Having almost as many friends with parents from Mexico as not, my eyes were opened and pallet expanded from an early age. So when I came across LA native, 6Villa & his new record, “Pose 4 Me”, it took me back to the good ‘ol days.

Produced by Zayce Hundo, “Pose 4 Me” is a slow, but jam-packed record. With Villa providing the lead on vocals, the track carries an infectious quality about it that makes it easy to replay. With his guest, 4Boy, providing a strange, albeit incredibly interesting, verse to compliment Villa, the duo showcases compelling chemistry over the production that definitely worth more exploration.

Though his sound is raw, it has promise, and the progression is always more fun than the finished product. So listen to, “Pose 4 Me” below and get familiar with 6Villa.