Los Angeles is one of the most intriguing cities, sound-wise, probably ever. While you have the renaissance of Gangster Rap happening on one end, there’s the Odd Future crew doing incredibly creative shit on the other and right in the middle of it all are guys like the Brainfeeder collective, Soulection and more, just doing their thing. Hailing from this melting pot of creativity, L.A. native, spill.rah delivers his immersive new EP, Palm Trees At Night.

Set to the tone of upbeat, though kind of dark production, Palm Trees At Night relies on his infectious voice to skate through the project with ease, showcasing an arsenal of fresh flows and melodies. Kicking it off with the Pop-themed intro, “Paranoia”, he takes the rest of the project to dive more in, lyrically, making for some great records to build on like, “Bags” and “Acro”, which sports some beautiful production.

In all, the EP is an enjoyable listen, and will leave you with a couple of new songs for your playlist. Which, in reality, isn’t that what EPs are nowadays? Press play below.