Feb 20, 2019

Lord Felix debuts a masterful new project.


by GregGaffney


Lord Felix may be a new name to most, but for those tuned in to the concealed artist, the Brockton, Massachusetts native is here with his floral aesthetic debut tape, In Bloom, Forever. If I was to describe the mood of this project, it’s like if a Kanye West disciple went to fine arts school, probably best summed up by Felix on his opening bar on “Spring / Summer 99,” where he states “I could have been the next Margiela, but shit I wanted to rap / Now you’re never going to see my face, how ironic is that?

The 10-track effort from Felix shows a full spectrum of his artistry – part introspective, part braggadocious – while the production is bolstered by feelings of live instrumentation, sample chops, and high powered production. Felix keeps things very in-house, calling on his closest circle of collaborators to round out the cohesion of his debut project. Production from Dreamville session invitees Luke Bar$, Ricky Felix, and Monte Booker shine bright, while new names like Leo The Kind, Notebook P, and Jiles enter the fray as exciting new entries.

Check out the tightly knit project below.