Oct 29, 2018

This Melbourne artist is turning songs into soundscapes.


by HOwens


LONE is one of the many new rappers coming out of Melbourne, Australia with a fresh sound. Alongside acts like Webby and NAGEL313, LONE is exploring weird, atmospheric sounds that result in a sound that’s undeniably his own. His new single “No Love” continues that trend.

“No Love” finds LONE over a reverberated trap beat, with flurries of synths and pads coming together in a concoction of melancholic atmosphere. LONE’s melodies add to the song’s spacious palette, as his layered autotune voice acts almost like a wall of catchy sounds. The use of vocal effects and melancholy in trap music has certainly become a thing, but LONE’s ability to turn a song into a soundscape on “No Love” is unique and refreshing.

Listen to “No Love” below.