Jan 14, 2020

North Dakota’s Tokyo Chanel is Fiercely Creative


by Advertiser


Tokyo Chanel, also known as Michael Nhye, is a rapidly emerging new age hip-hop artist forging his own genre in real-time. His self-titled EP, Tokyo Chanel, is a brief-but-mighty statement by a new voice on the scene who is rising to prominence before our eyes. The record is iconoclastic, atmospheric, and deeply funky, showing anyone who cares to listen that Tokyo Chanel is a fearless creator who steps to his own rhythm and rhyme. Chanel intentionally makes waves to see where the ripples go and will never do what the crowd expects him to do. Like all great artists, he blazes new trails that others will surely follow.

The tracks on the record are fiercely creative and command the listener’s attention from the first downbeat. Chanel produced four of the seven cuts presented here and this makes the songs even more personally expressive. “Bucket List” is a calmly-stated manifesto of purpose and the drive to succeed. Chanel’s vocal style is unique and individualized, which keeps listeners focused on what he says next and makes him stand tall above his competition. “Capalot” is darker and more aggressive, dripping with cinematic menace. Chanel spits over a hard, minimalistic beat that gives him all the support he needs to make his point. Every song here kills but be sure not to miss “Can’t Hide It” and “Fargofornia.”

Tokyo Chanel began his life in Liberia, grew up in Ghana, and is now making music that will touch the world from his base in West Fargo, North Dakota. Every mile of his journey can be heard on this record and hip-hop fans would do well to get with his program right now. Highly recommended.

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