IDRYS, whose real name is Idriys Asher Jones (born April 21, 1999), is an American independent singer, songwriter, and rapper. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, he is commonly known for his unconventional style of merging contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop elements.

IDRYS’ was born to parents Monica and Carl Jones, who is a producer / screenwriter that has worked on hit shows such as The Boondocks and Black Dynamite. IDRYS credits being raised in a creative household as significant reason he decided to pursue music.When he was five years old, he and his family moved to Los Angeles, California. At a young age, it was apparent IDRYS had a natural ear for music due to being surrounded consistently by his mother’s love of classic R&B, his oldest sister’s fascination with classic rock, and his dads interest in rap. IDRYS has never been one to shy away from his influences in his creating process. As a teenager, he discovered the work of artists like Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and The 1975. He has attributed Frank’s music as key in spurring him to be a singer.

IDRYS’ music can be often categorized as idiosyncratic, with production being reminiscent of a combination of multiple genres. The singer / songwriter’s work contains emotional, plaintive subject matter often revealing feelings of love and nostalgia with lyrics embracing solitude, women, and partying. His mixtures of bass heavy trap alongside contemporary R&B production has delivered melody-driven tracks,

IDRYS referrers to as mood music. His style of music has appealed to masses, ultimately leading him to the race of becoming apart of the top new artists thanks to his aesthetically driven artistry. IDRYS talents expand past just his music as well. He’s had a passion for screenwriting since a kid after being inspired by his father. Now within the screenwriter field, he’s written for Tyler the Creators “The Jellies” and Kevin Hart’s “Big Heads” and many more.

IDRYS has also been tapping into different creative fields with his multi-faceted art collective, NOCEUR. What started as a Tumblr page serving a purpose for visuals and inspiration to IDRYS fused into a group of artistically driven individuals. Noceur provides music production, graphic design / direction, video production, a clothing brand called Irregular, photography, original screenwriting, and creative consultation. The mystique collective currently consists of 7 primary members and is growing at a consistent rate. The collective is often referenced in IDRYS music, essentially notable part of his life.