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Meet up and coming rapper Arod from the city of Salinas California age 23. Arod has been showing that he’s a force to be reckoned with his come up in the industry having music on all digital platforms, packing out his first venue as the only artist, and his consistency when it come to music. Arod recently dropped his “Struggle Made Me” Ep that comes with a variety of flows on all 8 Songs to show his versatility. The project targets his struggles as a Mexican American growing up on the east side of salinas from being homeless, loosing close friends and family members, having family behind bars almost seeing time himself, overall doing what he has to do to get by. The project also focuses on how he embraces his struggles as they made him not only stronger but the man he is today. He states “each song comes with a certain piece of my life a certain story but not all can be shared.” With this project expect to learn more about Arod and feel his pain on a relatable level. Expect to hear more of Arod in the future of Hip-Hop.