The long awaited debut album of Tree0101 has finally been released. Six years in the making, with six e.p’s under his belt, he has finally decided to release a concentrated, cohesive project. Carrying over the same old school vibe, with a bit of an indie/emo twist. Tree0101 is as personal yet mature as he’s ever been. Showing much growth since his breakout project “AttackOfTheElevenTailedBeast” back in 2017. Also producing nearly half the beats on this project with the other half being credited to the very talented Todibashi. Together the Montreal based duo unite to create one of the most lyrically depressing and instrumentally moving projects out this year. Lyrically touching on Tree0101’s battle with depression, drug addiction, heart ache, and suicidal tendencies while instrumentally being nothing short of hard hitting. Sampling anything from Nina Simone’s “Wild Is The Wind” to Daughter’s “Youth.” Truly a must listen to anybody with growing pains, heart ache, or just a genuine discomfort with everyday life.