Apr 1, 2020

The 17-year-old struck gold signing a deal with 300 Entertainment.


by Mighty


South Florida rapper Liljitm3n recently released a visual for the track “When I Shit.” For the video, co-produced and directed by himself, Jit paired his attention-grabbing lyrics with moves to match. He put together the whole thing saying, “I just brought it to life and gave it a bit of sauce. I wanted it to be like a movie low-key.”

The 17-year-old struck up a signing deal with independent record label 300 Entertainment at the beginning of this year. He’s been making waves ever since and is sure to take over the Florida rap scene. Liljitm3n is really just getting started, and only has bigger moves ahead with his debut mixtape will be out this June. Stay tuned for the come up.