Aug 14, 2018

Tadeo Hill produced this perfect new joint.


by jgregory


Lil Tracy is one of the purest artists in the underground scene today. From his collaborations with the late Lil Peep, to his more mainstream exploits, Tracy has always honored the artistry of his music, and has never been guilty of the toxic clout chasing that plagues the rap scene.

Just days removed from a terrifying heart attack, Tracy is back again with a new track titled “Chiropract.” In the new track Tracy examines the cracked moral compasses of women around rappers, death (specifically twenty-inch rims on a hearse), and not trusting the questionable motives of people who claim to love him. Oh yeah, and how he doesn’t need to buy his bitch an ass, cause it’s already fat.

Tracy epitomizes the idea of living fast and dying young, a topic that seems to bleed through his newer music. Tracy is a treasure and I am so thankful for his music.