Oct 1, 2017

“Playboi Shawtey. All alone in my room & she gettin’ naughty.”


by liammccarthy


Lil Skies is absolutely dominating. After appearing on No Jumper alongside Landon Cube and Cam of CUFBOYS, the PA native is back with a new heater on ‘Playboi Shawtey.’ Timely released just a few days after the passing of Hugh Hefner, the smooth track pays homage to the legend as Skies glides over a hypnotic set of production courtesy of beatsmith David Morse.

Alluding to his desires for a perfect female companion, Skies lays his soul on the record and continues to prove why he’s a star in the making. Listen to ‘Playboi Shawtey’ via SoundCloud below and click here to watch Lil Skies chat with Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast.