Oct 9, 2018

Lil Raven & Li Tracy continue to deliver with new release, ” a love song”.


by TreyAlston


Behold, Lil Raven and Lil Tracy’s latest, “a love song,” with its emotional depth and new age angst that make it a gratifying listen for those cutting onions. The two impassioned stalwarts come together for one of the most honest, vulnerable, and heart-wrenching depictions of sub-21 love you’ll hear, bereft withheld notes and drawn out crooning like lovestruck wolves on the prowl.

There’s something about young love that pulls at the heartstrings and lowers the defenses. This track will make you want to grab your partner and dance underneath the next full moon; it’s on October 24th if you’re wondering.

Listen to “a love song” below, produced by Marvy Ayy.