Jan 17, 2019

by Mike_Squid


Lil Peep‘s tragic death left fans and critics alike at a loss for words as the aspiring artist seemingly had so much still to give. Despite Peep’s passing, the enigmatic star’s legacy continues to live on. The posthumous sequel installment of Come Over When You’re Sober was a harrowing look into the mind of an artist conflicted not creatively, but internally. On the newly released visual for “16 Lines” Peep’s calls for support ring loudly throughout brooding offering. In light of his passing, some of the lyrics are given morbid meaning, but Peep’s ambitious artistic vision continues to inspire a generation of listeners. While the video initially emerged in late 2017, it’s been re-released today and is worth the watch.

Press play on the Wiggy-directed visual for “16 Lines” below.