Nov 13, 2018

“All my bitches they got pretty feet, they don’t own shoes.”


by jgregory


Between Lil Keed and Lil Gotit, the future is so bright it’s almost blinding amongst these two impressive “lil” rappers. Like many of his A-Town predecessors, Keed understands the intricate method of manipulating autotune to his benefit and riding the ebbs and flows of the beat by rapidly changing pitch and cadence to accurately match the energy of the instrumental.

Speaking of the instrumental, Mooktoven’s slapping beat, complemented by a flute sample, was perfect for Keed and 21 Savage to rip the track to shreds. With new striking tracks every week, Lil Keed is asserting himself firmly at the top of the list of new rappers primed to blow. Watch out for Keed next year, as he is a strong candidate for impending stardom, it’s clear his shoe game is already proper.

Stream “Balenciaga” here: