Sep 11, 2018

by jgregory


Lil Gnar is kind of the holy trinity of underground creative types. Not only is Gnar a budding rap star, but he also is a highly talented skateboarder wh0 runs a wildly successful clothing brand, collaborating with dozens of other streetwear designers. Lil Gnar always stands out, and whatever lane he tries to run in, he seems to excel in a major way.

Gnar recently teamed up with Killstation to craft a metal-infused banger and is another step in fusing the rap and rock cultures that seemingly go hand-in-hand. The track opens with a heavy electric guitar rift that journeys throughout the track, providing a sharp edge to Gnar’s verse and hook. “Gnarcotic Gang” is a song to start a most pit to. I can already see bloodied faces in the front row as Killstation’s guitar rips over the speakers and sends Gnar’s congregation into a frenzy.

Much like Zillakami’s Shinners 13 that emerged last year as the beginning of metal-inspired rap hitting the underground’s forefront, Lil Gnar is attempting to mesh the hardcore rock culture in all of its gaudy aggressiveness with the already established underground rap scene. To me, this is a match made in heaven.

Buckle your seatbelt and watch “Gnarcotic Gang” here: