Aug 28, 2018

Lerado causes mayhem over Bobby Johnson-produced beat.


by NFabry


We haven’t been able to get over Lerado Khalil‘s latest project Shark Fin Soup, and thankfully the booming rapper isn’t finished rolling out the ocular content paired with it.

His latest offering is the long-awaited visual for “Mayhem”, a Bobby Johnson-produced banger that is guaranteed to have you hooked on the St. Paul up-and-comer. Directed by one of his go-to videographers, Nate P, the video shows Lerado dancing with moms and rolling up woods the size of his dreads. Mind-blowing edits from Nate will have you abusing the replay button.

The best duo out of the Twin Cities has outdone themselves yet again, but enough talking about it. See for yourself what all the noise in Minnesota is about by watching the video below. Hit us with your favorite bar in the comment section.